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1 Year Old

Meet our happy and playful Max! He loves your attention. He will "mouth" your hand or hold onto your shirt while you love him showing his love back.


7 years old

Panda loves any and all the attention she gets, she is very loving and sweet!


9 years old

Meet our sweet and beautiful Jade!


7 months old

Snowflake is a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you she will give you lots of sweet Husky Kisses!!


5 months old

Jessie is ready to play with his new family! How can you not love those beautiful eyes?!?!


2 years old

Susie is ready to play and have fun with her new family!

Cindy Lou

2 years old

Meet the sweet Cindy Lou! He is ready to meet her new family!


6 months

Curtis is such a handsome Siberian Husky with uncommon Splash Markings and show stopping eyes.


5 1/2 months old

Rusty is a very handsome Siberian Husky that catches all of the attention with the 2 different colored stunning eyes!


1 year old

Miss Penny is a playful and fun loving Puggle.

Mary Ann

4 years old

Mary Ann is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is shy at first, but wants nothing more than to cuddle with you.


Almost 8 Years Old

Miss Mariah! Mariah is an (almost) 8 year old Doberman.