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Pet Rehoming By A Dog’s Dream

A Dog’s Dream is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping retiring breeding dogs find happy forever homes. By partnering with local breeders, we facilitate a smooth life transition for these precious dogs.

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When breeding dogs are ready to be retired, A Dog’s Dream takes them in and housetrains them. We also prepare the dogs for adoption by giving them a complete physical, ensuring that they are up to date on all their shots, and spaying and neutering them. These dogs are all sweet and have the advantage of being well-bred with a generally top-tier bloodline. They will make a wonderful companion and addition to your home.

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Our Adopted Dogs

Sylvia (Silver Fawn Female Pug) and her new Pet Parent!
Patches (Papillon) and her new family!
Precious (Papillon) on the left and her new Pet Parent and new Sister!
Master P (Lhasa Apso) and his new Pet Parent from AR!
Percilla (Norwich Terrier) and her new family from IA!
Yasmine (Miniature Goldendoodle) went to live in KS!
Lady (Norwich Terrier) found her perfect new family here locally!
Beau (Miniature Poodle) and his new family from AR!
Chip (Mini American) found his forever family in AR!
Miss Violet has went to live with her new family in OK!
Our beautiful Corbell went to live with her family in MO!
Natasha (Dachshund)
Natasha (Dachshund) went to live with her new family in KS!
Miss Shadow (Keeshond) went to live with her family in GA!
Angel (Lhasa Apso)
Angel (Lhasa Apso) went to live with a family in our local community!
Benny (Golden Retriever) went to live with a family in a local community!
Rudy (Miniature Australian Shepherd) went to live with his new family in Maine!
Cash (Poodle) went to live with a local family!
Snoopy (Coton De Tulear) went to live locally with a family!
Cole (Miniature American Shepherd)
Cole (Miniature American Shepherd) just went to live with his new family in AR!
Marla (Doberman)
Miss Marla went to live with her new family!
Our adorable Jettie went to live with wonderful lap life with her new family!
BamBam our adorable Bichonpoo found his new home with a wonderful family in MO!