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Baths & Spa Packages


Sm/Med: $25

Lrg/XL: $40


Blow Out

Sm/Med: $25

Lrg/XL: $40


Nail Trim: $10

Ear Cleaning: $7.50



Bath, Nail Trim, & Ear Cleaning

Sm/Med: $35

Lrg/XL: $50


Spa Works Package

Sm/Med: $50

Lrg/XL: $75

The following 2022 Holidays are set to Holiday Pricing:

Memorial Day-May 30th

4th of July-July 4th

Labor Day-September 5th

Thanksgiving-November 24th

Christmas-December 24th & 25th

New Years Eve-December 31st

Holiday Bathing Pricing:

Bath: Sm/Med-$37.50 Large-$60

Blow Out (add-on): Sm/Med-$22.50 Large-$37.50

Bath/Ears/Nails: Sm/Med-$52.50 Large-$75

Spa Works: Sm/Med-$75 Large-$112.50

Holiday Extra Pricing:

Photo Update: $4.50