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Anthony demonstrating Munroe’s training
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Pet Training

You and your dog will love our training classes. We offer in-person group, one-on-one personal classes, train while they stay (training while attending daycare or boarding), and 3-6 week Board/Train. Our classes are fun, engaging, and improve the lives of you and your dog. Whatever you and your dog’s needs are, All Dog’s Dream has an option for you. 

Call us (417) 346-1364 to schedule the training that is right for your Furry Friend!

Anthony & Monro training

Current Group Classes offered:

Friday Evenings from 6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.

Trainer: Anthony Fleming

January 13th thru February 17th

February 24th thru March 31st

April 7th thru May 12th

May 19th thru June 23rd

Upcoming 6 week Basic Training Class Schedule:

Saturday Evenings from 6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.

Trainer: Elijah Kelly

February 4th thru March 11th

March 18th thru April 22nd

April 29th thru June 3rd

June 10th thru July 15th

Puppy Classes $99

Instructor: Anthony Fleming or Elijah Kelly

4 Week Course

Ideal for puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks old

What to expect:

Positive Reinforcement Training

Reinforcement Timing

Crate Training/House Breaking Tips

Attention Exercise

Leash Walking

Sit Command

Down Command

Come Command (if class is progressing quick enough)

Basic Training Group Course $150

Trainer: Anthony Fleming or Elijah Kelly

7 Week Course

Ideal for puppies over the age of 4 months and adult dogs of any age

What to expect:

Pack Structure and the Marker System on how to properly communicate with your dog to limit confusion.

J Lead (loose leash walking)

Look Command

Wait Command

Sit Command

Down Command

Place Command

and Introduction to Recall

Special Training offered:

Private Training

Single Private Class $75.00

Basic Training $450.00

Advanced Training $650.00

Master Training $1000.00

Train While They Stay

(Does not include DayCare or DayBoarding)

1 Day $65.00

3 Days $150.00

5 Days $200.00

Trick of The Month

(Available Add On while in DayCare or Boarding)

Beginner Tricks $25.00 each

Sit, Leash Walking, Stay, Play “dead”

Intermediate Tricks $45.00 each *2 basics required prior*

Place, Spin, Sit Pretty, Leave It

Advanced Tricks $65.00 each *2 basics & 2 Intermediate required prior*

Speak (Bark on command), Weave between legs

Training Questions

Why Should I Put My Dog in Training?

It helps to build a more positive relationship between you and your dog. It helps them learn “life” skills and have better manners when interacting with other dogs or people.

It helps with socialization skills both with people and other dogs. It also helps avoid behavioral problems that could strain the bond between you and your pet in the future.

What Is Best Age to Put My Dog in Training Classes?

The ideal time for a puppy class is 8 to 16 weeks of age. 

The ideal time for a Basic Training class is after 4 months of age and after they are fully vaccinated, but it is never to late to teach an “old dog” new tricks!

Will I need to Participate With My Dog?

Yes, although we can teach them the tricks, part of the learning falls on the Human as well!  You need to learn the proper technics and be consistent with the instruction in order to avoid confusion. 

If My Dog is Sick Should I Still Bring Him/Her?
No, just like people when we do not feel well we will not be at our best to learn. Also, just like “school” you do not want to expose other dogs to anything that could potentially be contagious. Let them rest at home until your Vet says they are good to come back.
How Long are The Dog Classes?

Depending on the program you pick 1 session to 10 weeks. We offer single Focused Group Classes, Group Puppy Classes, Group and Private Basic and Advanced training as well as Train As You Stay classes.

What are the vaccination requirements?

For a Puppy Class:

They are required to have had a Parvo/Distemper Vaccination within 3 weeks of the 1st class and must remain current on their vaccination schedule during the course.

For other Training Classes or Individual Training:

They must be current on the Parvo/Distemper Vaccination (1 within the past year), Bordetella (1 within the past year), and Rabies (A 1-year vaccination within the past year or a 3-year vaccination within the past 3 years).