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Pet Boarding

All Dog’s Dream is the premier dog hotel in Southwest Missouri.  Leaving your beloved pet behind when you travel can be difficult, but at All Dogs Dream we are here to give your Furry Friend the most stress-free stay possible! When you board your dog at us, you never have to worry. Our pet care professionals are experts in caring for dog’s needs. We will ensure that your dog has plenty of socialization and exercise.  All Dog’s Dreams facilities include both large indoor and outdoor play areas to fit your dog’s needs.   

For all of our Furry Friends that enjoy the company of other dogs, DayCare is included in their Boarding stay!  For all of our Furry Friends that prefer just the company of people or the other Furry Friends from their home will receive Personalized Enrichment time that is included in their Boarding stay!  

Requirements for Overnight Boarding:

  • Must be current on their Parvo/Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella Vaccinations.
  • Must be at least 16 weeks of age.

If they wish to participate in DayCare during their stay they must also meet the following requirements:

  • Must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age.
  • Must have a successful Meet & Greet Evaluation.

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Pet Hotel

We offer your dog comfort, play, and professional care for as long as you’re away.

We offer different lodging options for dogs of all sizes!  We have Condos for the smaller dogs under 20 lbs, Large Suites for the Medium/Large dogs under 80 lbs, and Vacation suites for the bigger dogs!  All our Condos and Suites are equipped with the appropriate size raised bed for the comfort of you dog which is included in their boarding stay..  We do allow dogs from the same home to stay together if that is what the owner prefers, just please keep the combined weight in mind when booking their Condo or Suite.

If time allows, we do LOVE for our new Furry Friends to come and do a Meet and Greet with us prior to their boarding stay to allow them to get to know us and our facility prior to staying overnight, this just helps your Furry Friend be more comfortable staying overnight with us for the first time if they are familiar with us and our facility.  Although we understand sometimes time does not allow for that, but if possible we would love to meet them ahead of time!

We do offer a feeding schedule of up to 3 times per day, and ask that you please indicate the amount and number of feedings that they are used to so that we can keep them on a familiar schedule.  If your furry friend has some specific medical requirements, we will ensure your pet gets the necessary attention that it needs during their stay and our software allows us to easily track and notate any medication needs.  Please make sure to fill out and send your Furry Friend’s Information Sheet back to us before their stay to ensure that we are able to have everything into our system and set up and ready to go to allow them coming into our facility as smooth as possible.

Includes daycare or personalized enrichment activities!

Vacation Suite: $50 per dog per night

Large Suite: $40 per dog per night

Condo: $35 per dog per night

Check out time for Boarding is 11:00 A.M., if you are not able to pick them up prior to 11, that is okay, however there is a late charge of $15.00.



15% Multiple Dog Discount

10-19 days discount: $3 per day

20-29 days discount: $6 per day

30+ days discount: $9 per day


Extra Special Items

Comfort Pads for beds: $5-10

Peanut Butter Kong Treat: $2

Frozen Yogurt Treat: $2

Photo Update: $3


The following 2022 Holidays are set to Holiday Pricing:

Memorial Day-May 30th

4th of July-July 4th

Labor Day-September 5th

Thanksgiving-November 24th

Christmas-December 24th & 25th

New Years Eve-December 31st

Holiday Boarding Pricing:

Condo-$52.50, Large Suite-$60, Vacation Suite-$75

Spa & Grooming Packages


Bath, Nail Trim, & Ear Cleaning

Sm/Med $35 Lrg/XL $50

Spa Works Package (Bath, Blow Out, Nail Trim, & Ear Cleaning)

Sm/Med $50 Lrg/XL $75

Grooming Works Package (Groom, Bath, Nail Trim, & Ear Cleaning)

Sm/Med $65 Lrg/XL $90

A La Carte:

Grooming: Sm/Med $35 Lr/XL $50

Bath: Sm/Med $25 Lrg/XL $40

Blow Out: Sm/Med $25 Lrg/XL $40

Nail Trim: $10 Ear Cleaning $7.50

Fur Mat Removal: $10-$50


What are your requirements for vaccinations?

We require all Furry Friends coming to see us for any service to have:

Parvo/Distemper Vaccination within the past year

Bordetella within the past year (can be internasal, injectable, or oral)

Rabies Vaccination within the past year for a 1-year or within the past three years for a 3-year

Boarding Questions

What Is Your Minimum Age for Boarding a Dog?

16 weeks and fully vaccinated.

My pet takes medicine daily can I still board them?

Yes of course as long as they are not on medication for something that is potentially contagious to our other Furry Friends!  We are happy to administer any daily medications that your Pet is on, please make sure to go over all of the medications when booking your Pet’s stay and when you check them in to ensure that we know the medication schedule.

Can I Bring My Pets Food?

Yes we highly recommend bringing enough of your Pet’s food for the duration of their stay.  It is much easier on their bellies if they remain on the same food you are feeding at home.  We do offer NutriSource Chicken/Rice Adult food for an extra $5 per day if needed.

What happens if my pet becomes ill?

If it appears that your pet is ill, injured, or exhibits any behavior that would suggest that your pet may need medical treatment, given the severity of the situation we will first try to call the Pet Parent, if we are unable to reach you or it is an urgent situation we will attempt to seek treatment at the veterinarian listed in the pet application.  We retains the right to seek medical attention at Pinnacle Vet Clinic if we are unable to reach your listed veterinarian, or provide transportation to your veterinarian. If we deems that your pet is in need of emergency veterinarian care, we will present your pet to the closest Emergency Veterinarian.   You will be fully responsible for all costs related to any medical treatment, including without limitation the cost of any transportation for any such treatment.

If My Dog is Sick Should I Still Board Him/Her?

No, it is in your Pet’s best interest if they are ill to remain at home where they are comfortable.

What if I need to extend my dogs stay?

We understand that things do come up that may require to extend your Pet’s stay with us, as long as we have available room for him or her we would be happy to extend their stay. 

Can all my dogs stay together?

Yes!  As long as all of your dogs get along well, we highly recommend they stay together.  It gives them more comfort to sleep with their friends that they know.

Can I bring my dogs Bed?

We offer elevated beds for all of our Furry Friends staying overnight with us at no additional charge so we ask that you do not bring them.  If you want to bring a small blanket, or shirt to help them feel the comforts of home you are welcome to.  We ask that you do not bring toys, as most dogs like to take them out and share them with their new furry friends in daycare and we do not want anyone to get into an argument over toys or for their new friends to potential tear them up.

Is someone at the facility 24hrs?

Someone is there 6:30a-7p, but we do have cameras in the facility to monitor everything. We are also blessed to have several employees that live less than 2 miles away!

When is drop off and pick up time?

You can drop off as early as 7:00a and pick up for boarding is 11a but arrangements can be made for earlier or later if needed. Just please communicate your needs with us.