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Dog Daycare

Doggy DayCare at All Dogs Dream satisfies a dog’s inherent need for exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation.  It is a safe and fun environment for your dog to play and socialize with other dogs of similar size and temperament while you are at work, running errands, or your Furry Friend just needs a play date.  Our Primary DayCare area for our medium and large breeds is a large indoor room with a door leading directly out to a large outdoor yard.  We have a smaller special DayCare area for the smaller guys as well as their own outdoor yard.  There are fun dog play equipment for them to play on, as well as LOTS of room to run and play with their new Furry Friends and their new Human Friends that work there and LOVE to be able to play with dogs all day!  

Prior to a dog joining Doggy DayCare, we do require the dog to come in for a Meet & Greet.  A Meet & Greet is an evaluation process to see if your Furry Friend will enjoy Doggy DayCare environment.  When you schedule a Meet & Greet, you can leave your dog with us for a couple of hours to allow time for the evaluation, or they are welcome to stay the whole day with us!  Dogs that tend to enjoy daycare are social and (with the exception of puppies) have had prior experience interacting with other dogs. Puppies tend to love daycare and the playtime it provides!  

Requirements for Doggy DayCare:

  • Must be current on their Parvo/Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella Vaccinations.
  • Must be at least 16 weeks of age.
  • Must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age.
  • Must have a successful Meet & Greet Evaluation.

If your dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs, or they are not spayed/neutered, NO WORRIES, we offer DayBoarding as well!  While your Dog DayBoards with us they will receive personalized enrichment time with one of our employees multiple times during the day.  We also have a special outdoor yard for those Furry Friends as well!

DayCare & DayBoarding Hours:

7am-6pm 7 days a week!

Doggy Daycare

Doggy DayCare & DayBoarding Pricing

Meet & Greet: \$10

Our Meet & Greets are an evaluation process for your dog to see if we believe they will enjoy Doggy Daycare. You can schedule for just 1 hour or let them play all day with us!


Daycare (full day): \$20 per day

A day of play with us and other Furry Friends. DayCare hours are 7AM-6PM.


10 days: \$180.00

30 days: \$480.00


DayBoarding: \$25 per day

For those that do not enjoy the company of other Furry Friends but want a day of play and enrichment activities with our staff. 7AM-6PM.


10 days: \$230.00

30 days: \$600.00



Holiday DayCare Pricing:

Meet & Greet \$15

Full Day-\$30, Half Day-\$18, DayBoard-\$37.50


New Years Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day



New Years Eve


Dog Daycare Questions

If My Dog is Sick Can I Still Put Him/Her in Daycare?

No, if your dog does not feel well we recommend leaving them at home.  First they would be more comfortable at home if they do not feel well, second we do not want to expose anyone to anything potential contagious at Daycare.

Will you give my pet their medicine?

Yes of course as long as they are not on medication for something that is potentially contagious to our other Furry Friends!  We are happy to administer any daily medications that your Pet is on, please make sure to go over all of the medications when booking your Pet’s stay and when you check them in to ensure that we know the medication schedule.

What happens if my pet becomes ill?

If it appears that your pet is ill, injured, or exhibits any behavior that would suggest that your pet may need medical treatment, given the severity of the situation we will first try to call the Pet Parent, if we are unable to reach you or it is an urgent situation we will attempt to seek treatment at the veterinarian listed in the pet application.  We retains the right to seek medical attention at Pinnacle Vet Clinic if we are unable to reach your listed veterinarian, or provide transportation to your veterinarian. If we deems that your pet is in need of emergency veterinarian care, we will present your pet to the closest Emergency Veterinarian.   You will be fully responsible for all costs related to any medical treatment, including without limitation the cost of any transportation for any such treatment.

Can I Bring My Pets Food?

No, unless your Pet is on a specific diet that requires them to eat 3 time per day you do not need to bring food.  If your Pet does have special requirements where they need a “lunch time” feeding we are happy to make arrangements for that just let us know!

Can all my dogs stay together?
We group our daycare dogs according to size, so if they are the same size group then yes, they will definitely stay together!  If your dogs do not “play well with others” and require special play time that can be arranged to where they do not go into the typical play groups, but get some play time just to themselves we can arrange that, however please know that if they do require special play time that will be limited time due to the special staffing requirements.  
When is drop off and pick up time?
Drop off is as early as 7a and pick up is until 6p. Special occasion arrangements can be made, just please communicate your needs with us.