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Category: Behavior Training

As a dog owner, you may have noticed your furry friend scratching the carpet from time to time. While it may seem harmless, excessive scratching can be a sign of an underlying issue. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the reasons why dogs scratch the carpet and what you can do to help.Dog Scratching […]

Have you noticed a sudden change in your furry friend’s bedtime habits? Maybe the snuggles and warmth you once shared seem to be a thing of the past? Before you start questioning your dog’s loyalty, let’s delve into the paw-sibilities of why your canine companion might be opting for solo slumber.1. AgingJust like us, dogs […]

Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning in bed, awakened by the persistent whimpers of your furry friend? If you’re wondering, “Why does my dog keep whining at night?” you’re not alone. Dogs are known for their expressive communication, and those nighttime whimpers may be their way of conveying various needs. Let’s delve into […]

There are only a few weeks left of summer, and even fewer for families with kids returning to school. So if your family is like other American families, you aim to take as many weekend trips as possible or plan a late-summer vacation before Fall arrives and the kids return to school.But if you have […]

We often think of getting a dog in terms of a puppy. It’s less frequent that we consider some of the benefits of adopting an adult dog. However, there are some serious benefits to adopting a full-grown furry friend, not to mention a whole lot of love and affection!Adult Dogs Make Ideal CompanionsDogs are almost […]

Siberian Huskies are one of the most iconic dog breeds. They’re popular, too. According to the AKC, huskies are the nineteenth most registered breed in the United States. But how much do you know about the breed? This week, let’s get to know the husky.About the Siberian HuskyHuskies are an enthusiastic working breed originally used […]

We’re now a week away from Thanksgiving and the heights of the holiday season! We hope you and your family pooch have a joyful time in this season of blessings! And for those of you who may be traveling long distances, we wanted to remind you that your dog will always have a warm and […]

Do you have an unruly puppy and are looking for a proven method for training? At All Dogs Dream, we teach the marker system of dog training? If you are curious about what marker training is and if it’s right for you and your dog, this blog will answer your questions.Marker Training is a Science-Based […]

Whether it’s a new canine companion or a partner you’ve had for years, a consistent and engaging training system will help to establish and maintain a lifelong relationship between you and your pup. There are several benefits to training your dog such as spending time together, learning what is expected of each other, and the […]

Here we are in the last few days of 2021. During this time, many people make all sorts of New Years’ resolutions –  from reducing screen time to going to the gym. So, in the spirit of the season, and as dog lovers, we thought we’d suggest a few potential New Years’ Resolutions for our […]