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Bring Your Dog for a Stay & Training This Holiday Season

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Misty Fleming

We’re now a week away from Thanksgiving and the heights of the holiday season! We hope you and your family pooch have a joyful time in this season of blessings! And for those of you who may be traveling long distances, we wanted to remind you that your dog will always have a warm and welcoming place to stay at All Dogs Dream. Plus, we offer professional training packages while they’re staying with us!

Train While They Stay Packages for Your Dog

We have several durations of stay available for our train while they stay packages.

  • 1-Day Stay with Training – $65
  • 3-Day Stay with Training – $150
  • 5-Day Stay with Training – $200

Our Dog Training Philosophy

What is our training philosophy at All Dogs Dream? We use the marker training system here. Marker training is a research-based way to teach your dog to ‘offer’ desirable behaviors in exchange for a reward. The ‘markers’ in marker training are specific words we use that are associated only with a particular behavior or indicate the reward for the behavior is coming. For instance, some trainers use the word “Nice” to communicate to the dog that the reward (usually food) is to be given.

Read our blog on marker training for more information.

Remember to Vaccinate Your Dog Before Their Stay

At All Dogs Dream, we welcome all friendly canine companions. However, for the safety of other dogs and our staff, we do require your dog to be up to date on its vaccinations. Prior to your dog’s stay, please remember to fill out your pet parent waiver and provide us with a copy of your dog’s current vaccination record.

Space is limited! So, please remember to book early. We look forward to your dog’s stay with us!

Book Your Dog’s Stay

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