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All Dogs Dream is The Perfect Place to Bring Your Dogs if You’re Travelling for the Holidays

Posted on November 29, 2021 by Misty Fleming

Are you and your family planning a long road trip or flight to visit family for the holidays? Many people travel extensively during the holiday season, and while many dogs are quite happy to take a several-hour road trip, a lot of dogs are prone to car sickness ad stress on longer drives. And if you plan to fly to visit grandma in Pennsylvania, taking the dog could be very stressful for them as well as expensive. All Dogs Dream boarding could be the perfect solution for you and your dog if that describes you!

What to Expect When Your Board Your Dog for the Holidays

At All Dogs Dream, we offer a comfortable dog hotel for your furry friend to enjoy when you are away. Dogs staying with All Dogs Dream can look forward to daily playtime with our trained staff and other dogs, or, for those dogs that do not enjoy playing with other dogs, they will enjoy private playtime with our team. In addition, our bedding areas are very comfortable and give your dog the peace and comfort it needs to enjoy its stay.

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