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6 Benefits of Sending Your Furry Friend to Doggy Daycare

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Misty Fleming

We love providing four states area dogs with a fun place to socialize, learn, and exercise at All Dogs Dream. After all, dogs are social animals. But besides the immediately apparent benefits, there are a host of other good reasons to bring your dog to daycare. Below we’ll cover some of the best reasons your dog will benefit from attending doggie daycare!

1. Dogs Need LOTS of Attention!

Dogs love attention… the more, the better. Binging your dog to doggie daycare will ensure that even when you’re at work, your dog is having a wonderful time being played with by our dog-loving staff!

2. Dogs Need to Expend Energy

Dogs were born to run, hunt, dig, herd, jump, and more. Dogs and humans became friends thousands of years ago when everyone lived a much more active lifestyle. Today though, humans have slowed down. On the other hand, dogs are the same creatures they’ve always been. Doggie daycare gives your dog an outlet to run out of all that energy. That makes your dog more physically and emotionally fit!

3. Daycare Is Flexible

You can adjust the number of days each week that your dog comes to daycare. Maybe you have a young dog with more energy than it can possibly get rid of. Or perhaps your dog is a little older and needs more days off. Either way, daycare is flexible and can accommodate your needs. 

4. Doggie Daycare is Affordable!

At All Dogs Dream, we keep daycare affordable. We want to provide a place that many dogs will have access to and enjoy!

5. Daycare Helps Dogs with Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is a common condition for dogs. Many people got a dog during the pandemic when they were staying home. Now that owners are going back to work, dogs have to cope with being away from their owners for extended periods of time. Daycare can help alleviate this problem, including the damaging behaviors that come along with it.

6. Daycare Helps Dogs Build a Healthy Routine

Dogs, like humans, need healthy structure in their lives. Attending daycare can help provide a healthy routine for your dog, making them happier and better adjusted!

Schedule a Meet and Greet for You and Your Dog

If you would like to get your dog involved in Daycare at All Dogs Dream, the first step is to schedule a meet and greet for you and your dog. That way, you’ll be able to bring your dog over and see how they like our facility and staff. We feel sure they will love it! Schedule a visit today!

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